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 Skills Challenges     
Select Sites will host Skills Challenges for each division for
Driving,Chipping, and Putting
  School Team Division Points System 
1st place  10 points
2nd place  9 points
3rd Place  8 points
4th Place  7 points
5th Place  6 points
6th Place  5 points
7th Place  4 points
8th Place  3 points
9th Place  2 points
10th Place  1 point   
Highest Team Total Wins
School Team Division Points System
Madison County Schools 
Future Stars 7-9 Boys   3rd place                8 points  Veteran 7-9 Girls  1st Place                        10 points
Veteran 10-12 Boys 5th place                     6 points
Future Stars 13-15 Girls 2nd Place             9 points
Veteran Boys 16-18 4th Place                     7 points Total points = 40 points   
Gibson County Schools 
Future Stars 7-9 Girls   2nd place                9 points
Veteran 7-9 Girls  3rd Place                         8 points
Veteran 10-12 Girls 4th place                      7 points
Veteran 13-15 Girls 2nd Place                     9 points
Future Stars  16-18 3rd Place                      8 points Total points = 41 points   
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