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West Tennessee Junior Golf Association

     The West Tennessee Junior Golf Association's mission is to create an opportunity for junior golfers of all skill levels from across West Tennessee to ​participate in healthy competition at many of  our historic local golf courses. 

     The West Tennessee Junior Golf Association hosts an annual junior golf tournament schedule as well as Local Leagues across Tennessee for ages 4 through High School Graduates.


     Each age division has two divisions : "Rising Stars" and "Veteran".  These two divisions create an opportunity for kids that are curious about golf and are just learning the game to play free of intimidation from more experienced players while creating an opportunity for the more experienced "veterans" to match their skills with other dedicated juniors.

     Select sites will host Skills Competitions in addition to normal play. Golfers will be able to compete in Driving, Chipping, and Putting with other golfers in their division.

     The West Tennessee Junior Golf Association (WTJGA) is happy to promote the game for future generations while showcasing many of our local courses. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and become a part of the WTJGA today! 

Brian Henson

About our Founder

Brian Henson


     Brian is the founder of the WTJGA. When Brian was 10 years old, his grandfather bought his family a trial family membership at a local, rural golf course of a month. During that month, he played in the weekly Wednesday junior golf league and fell in love with golf.; this changed everything for him. He was able to earn a scholarship to Murray State University where we played for four years of his career. After college, Brian played professionally on the Tommy Armor tour, the Teardrop tour, the Moonlight tour, and the Hooters tour.

     In 2012, while at a softball tournament for his daughter, he looked at the schedule and estimated there had to have been over 500 girls there that weekend. He wondered why golf didn’t offer more recreational opportunities for all of the girls and juniors alike. That was the day the WTJGA was born. Brian wanted to emulate the experience he had as a young kid playing junior golf, so he went to the Humboldt Country Club board of directors and asked to start a junior golf league (which now has over 200 junior golfers).

     Now, the WTJGA has 11 junior golf leagues and eight golf tournaments with an additional highschool and middle school tournament. Brian is passionate and excited to offer juniors across West Tennessee and surrounding states the same opportunity he had. Brian’s goal is to create an opportunity is to give junior golfers the ability to learn about and experience the game and to do so inexpensively. Because of Brian, the WTJGA’s mission is to keep golf affordable and accessible to all.

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