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We understand signing your child up can be a confusing process. So here

are our most Frequently Asked Questions to help you out!

1. Is there a membership fee to sign up for the WTJGA

      There is a one time $10 fee when signing up for bluegolf. From that point on, you can play at leagues free so long as you are a member of the club. Each tournament also costs fees per registration

2. If I had an account last year, do I still need to register again 

     Yes, even if you registered last year you need to register again in BlueGolf to participate in WTJGA events.


3. I signed up for a tournament but I can't be there anymore? What is your cancellation policy

     All cancellations must be done through the BlueGolf site. For Tournaments, you are allowed to cancel 5 days in advance at the latest and receive a refund with a $5 cancellation fee. If you cancel any later than 5 days in advance, you cannot get your money back.

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